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Life Coaching

Are you looking to improve your relationships, career, job transition, retirement, weight loss, or just day to day life? I will help you identify the obstacles holding you back, clarify your goals and uncover strategies for overcoming those obstacles. We will take it one small step at a time and build a plan together.

My job as your Life Coach is to help you clarify and identify goals, develop next steps while giving you the support, encouragement and accountability you need to hit your targets. We do this by working on your action plan that is doable and fits your life where you are now.

Whether you are a business professional, entrepreneur, manager, retiree, stay or work from home person. I can help you reach your goals and perhaps identify some that you never realized were there holding you back!

Basic 1 to 1 Personal Coaching

A 12-week series that is individually designed for each person. A highly crafted series specific to each individual’s needs. This is a holistic discovery process where the approach to wellness addresses areas of mental (peace of mind), spiritual (connection to a higher power, inner peace), physical (both in our bodies and we want to have), and emotional (freedom of negative thought patterns) wellness.

During our initial free 15-minute call, we’ll discuss your biggest challenge, the top 2 things you would like help with, why those are important, and what have you tried. I help clients discover what is holding them back and work alongside them to gain ground to achieve their desired outcome.


  • 3 month commitment
  • Weekly sessions lasting 30 minutes, same day and time each week in person or virtually
  • Client to fill out forms as requested by coach

$1,500.00 per series

For those of you who want to lose the weight quickly, feel you don’t have the time, or just don’t like to shop, chop and prepare all your meals I have added Optavia Coach to my tool belt.

This is a physician led, science based program that includes coaching, the Habits of Health System, community support and meals. This is a 5 and 1 meal plan where you make one healthy meal a day ad are provided with 5 mini meals to keep you satisfied. 

Let’s start with The Habits of Health Assessment for a quick overview to see where you are currently with your health. 

If this looks like the fit you are searching for, let’s talk.

Cost varies

1 to 1 Personal Coaching Plus

A 12-week series as described above plus the following:

  • 3 month commitment
  • Weekly sessions lasting 30 minutes, same day and time each week in person or virtual
  • Client to fill out forms as requested by coach
  • One weekly follow up email from coach
  • One 15-minute phone call per week from client, if desired (to be pre-scheduled)


Half-Day Essence Workshop

Four-hour workshop with a minimum of 10 attendees to understand needs and create guided homework and conversation that we work on throughout the day for a more in-depth modification designed to build on good habits. This was created for participants to feel empowered in life and on the job. Discussion centers on self-care, modifications of habits and personal empowerment.

$325.00 per person per workshop

For a more personalized experience, add an individualized post workshop 30-minute phone call for 4 weeks (per participant).


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