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I Just Want to get Back into my Jeans. Wellness Interrupted.

A funny phrase keeps coming up on my Facebook feed, conversations and during virtual networking. I hear. . . “I am so tired of eating.” At first I thought, what in the world does this mean? Then one day it hit me, I understood the meaning of “I am so tired of eating”. Seems in the sameness of the days from instructed safety social isolation and the lack of stores, restaurants and places to go for happy hour we are simply turning to our pantries to feed the need. However, without that social satisfaction we keep looking for the “answer” to change up the days in a chocolate bar, extra helping or frequent noshing. 

So what’s a gal to do? Wait for it. . .  right it down, lol. Simple enough but so hard to do. If we don’t like what we are writing then we stop writing, am I right? I challenge you to be the best you you can be right now during this social isolation because just like holiday indulging this too shall pass. You do want your friends to recognize you as the you you went into social distancing with, correct. Take back control, you got this. Now get out the journal and start writing, I have an excellent planner available if you need a little direction to follow.

Step one, prepare a menu planning list (notice the word PLAN in there); Step two, go to the store taking care to stay safe and follow the recommended distancing and only put the items in your cart that are on your list (it is okay to cross off the added sugar items, lol); Step three, make meals as chosen, keep the fruit bowl full, and plan smart snacks. TIP: measure your servings, seems like we may be taking a bit extra these days to “get us through this”. ALERT: watch the BLT’s (bites, tastes and licks, they count as food intake). Step four; move that body. Yes take that walk, dance like nobody’s watching, jump on the trampoline, work out with a video or YouTube program.

Don’t forget that 80% of weight loss is what you put in your mouth. Activity is king but to lose the weight you need to watch what you eat. This takes me back to the opening paragraph “I’m so tired of eating”. It may be time to add a helping of awareness and double down on accountability and take the nudge to move that body and you will be back in your favorite jeans in no time.

If you need help you can contact me for a free 15 minute consultation to explore next steps. You are not alone in this, your best self is just a simple plan away. 


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