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How is Your Wellness Journey Going?

I was getting ready for work and noticed that the drain in the bathroom sink was moving rather slow and sluggish. Hmmm, first I went for the quick fix trying to force water into the drain until the water filled up the sink with my good intentions. Well. . . that forced “quick fix” did not work so well. I just got a sink full of lukewarm water taking it’s sweet time heading south. I then made the move to a tried and true product and got the guidance and assistance to put an end to this unhealthy situation. After receiving directions, letting it rest and perc o late on the mission at hand the water managed to head south all on its own. Turns out that correct information from a reliable source, a little patience, accumulation of proper tools and a bit of time was just the thing.

So how is your wellness journey? Are you slow and sluggish to get going? Are you trying a short cut that you have tried before with no luck? Are you feeling like you just keep hanging on to those quick fix bad habits? Perhaps you just need guidance, a few proper tools and some time to correct path to get moving in the right direction. Let’s work together.

We are all looking for a path that works for us leading the way to good health, good nutrition and fitness, let the Beginning Today meetings be your guide. In the past we have opened the doors to nutrient rich foods, core strengthening, clearing clutter, weight loss, setting SMART Goals, had guest speakers on Yoga, healthy cooking demos, welcomed a farmer’s market on site and went off site to participate in a 5K! 

Bring Beginning Today to your work place!


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