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How do we transition from working at home to going back to the office?

In this new era of firsts we will need to turn our thoughts to how and who will be returning to the office and how does that fit into the work-life balance we have created this past year?

  • Worklife balance is important for your own happiness and fulfillment. 
  • Balance is about feeling good about yourself and being in control of your life and career paths.

*both are keys to creating happiness for yourself and bringing real meaning to your life.

So now if and how will you return to the office and maintain the balance you created over the past year? How will the employer welcome you back or embrace your choice to continue working from home? Is there an opportunity for creation of another hybrid situation? This is another transition phase most will have to confront, another time when you can’t say: “Well the last time this happened. . . .” another time we will chose to move boldly or with caution.

There is no rule book here to refer to, no past experience on how come out of a pandemic and complete shutdown. We need to find a way to transition and our employers are tasked with coming up with solutions, options, expectations and guidelines. So who will lead us out of this past year as we recover and come back from a traumatic experience? Another first for our trusted leaders. I hope you consider yourself a leader as you lead what your life will now look like.

Your personal wellness is important, perhaps maybe now more than ever before. Your emotional state and ability to deal with this new direction is key to how you recover from the PTSD and move smoothly towards the next phase of staying well or even becoming a better you. What have you learned, what are you discarding and what are your dreams? Together we will all grow and become the new tomorrow today.


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