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Holiday stress or super powers!

Photo by Mira Kemppainen on Unsplash

Holiday Super Power! What are your super powers? Are you the master of the keyboard and all shopping is done, do you shop throughout the year, do you just say no to the gift exchange? How about those holiday get togethers, parties, events and happy hours? Do you write down all invitations and choose which ones to attend, eat before arriving, set a budget for the occasion and perhaps sip on a sparkling soda with a slice of lime?

Holiday Super Stress! Is this the time of year where you are a super fan, love the lights and all the hoopla or do you muddle through it as best you can? Tricky for some people. The expectations can be high, other people’s enthusiasm can be too much and disappointing memories can cause some to become overwhelmed with the entire season. End of year can bring on unexpected changes in jobs, in family life or death or even seasonal affective disorder. Emotional wellness is priority number one during this season.

Whether you have holiday super powers or you have holiday super stress be kind to yourself and those around you. Pay it forward, perform random acts of kindness, and don’t judge those who are not joining in on the Christmas Carols. Take time for you, relax with a favorite book, soak in the tub, play your favorite music and call a friend or family member you really want to talk to. Be aware of what you are eating and drinking, this is the one of the biggest causes of not letting you feel and be your best.

As always, Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness is here for you and a phone call or email away. We love to share in the highs of your life and help you get through the tough times. Give me a call and let’s begin with where you are right now.


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