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Clutter, Walking and Your Life Journey

So about that clutter. . .  did you think about where your clutter is? What are you going to do about it? Remember, you are in control so toss, lock it out or just simply say no to the worries that you have no control over-you are too important to let things you can’t control drag you down. It’s spring so spring into action of reclaiming your time, paperwork, your cupboards and whatever else is holding you back from being your best self.

I hope your walking “calendar” is up and you have filled in where you are comfortable, it is your journey join in as it works for you. Shelley and I will move forward attempting to secure at least one vendor for a small farmer’s market.

Please use the notebook you received to mark down what you have done for yourself to start your personal life journey. I would like to take a moment or two next week to see where everyone is with their goals and commitments. You can post on the Face Book site, but it is also helpful to write it down for your review. Did you get something done you’ve been putting off, clean out the pantry, go for that extra walk, pick up vitamins? There is no accomplishment too small and everything is important, just remember you committed to making a change so don’t wait any longer.

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