Healthy Habits

So about those Healthy Habits… let’s name a few.

When walking the dog (darn the easy invisible fence or fenced yard), pick up the distance and/or pace. When boiling pasta, put some veggies in a pot as well. Cook at home for guaranteed fewer calories. A clean kitchen leads to clean eating. Gardening with the family gets everyone involved and can be a good workout. Meditate or take time to be thankful for all your blessings. Keep some walking shoes in your car or at the office. Set up a no food reward system for good behavior like: a new coffee mug, manicure, new socks. Make a no fast food challenge with yourself. Keep fresh fruit on the counter. Set up an obstacle course in the house with the kids – get them involved in healthy habits too! Snap chat or Instagram your food and exchange with a friend – accountability never worked so well. Grocery shop in the morning. Listen to music while walking, cooking, cleaning or working out to motivate you to move. Park further away. Stay away from Happy Hour calories and plan after work activities with friends like yard darts, lawn toss, Frisbee, ladder ball. Turn off the TV at lunch and start a lunch club of cards, chess or checkers.

Perhaps you want a new habit or want to break an old one. Write it down, keep track of how and when you follow through and share the good news. I for one want to hear about your victories as well as your challenges.

Watch for depression:
Part of being healthy is knowing when something is not quite right. Reader’s Digest published “8 Hidden Signs You Might Be Depressed,” and I thought it might be helpful to share them with you.

  • Hiding from your feelings – looking and acting all put together, task oriented until someone asks you how you feel and you break down.
  • Unable to say if you are happy or unhappy.
  • Keep a very busy life to keep away from your feelings.
  • Random things make you mad, sad or melancholy.
  • Acting reckless and taking risks.
  • Not thinking clearly or feeling like your mind is sluggish.
  • You no longer enjoy activities you used to love.
  • Focusing more on yourself and your needs than on others.

If you identify with any of these signs, please consult your physician to live the life you want and need to be mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually balanced.