A year ago today my mom passed. What to do with the grief? This is an emotion to be handled differently by all, what is right for one is not necessarily right for someone else. I am sad and fight the tears, I think of her beautiful face and get wistful of the past. Tonight I have plans with friends, the usual monthly book club, I truly thought it would be a nice distraction-how much sadness can one take? We will see.

What do you do with your grief? Do you push it away, embrace and move on, let others help you through it?

A year ago there was much bustling around making arrangements, talking to people and then after the funeral I attended a few grieving groups (which were very helpful). The year has gone by with lots of looking back, happy thoughts mixed in and some of the fondest memories. Now I find myself just trying to get through this day, one more first in an entire year of firsts. Friends and family reaching out, helpful of course but with each interaction another cut into my heart. I will rise above, think loving thoughts and yes go on, my mom would want and expect that.

It has been said, life is for the living so don’t spend too much time in grief, don’t forget those who are still there for you and need you to be there for them. Keep on believing, praising God and take time for yourself as needed.