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Graduation, Time to Be Proud

Well here we are with graduations, school’s out, summer has started, and emotions are running high.

Did you congratulate your graduate with a true open heart? What a bitter sweet time it is. Whether they were top of class, middle of class or just somewhere in the class (and now out) there is plenty to be proud of. We need to spend more time in the moment.

It isn’t enough they participated and showed up, they completed and now are left to find their new place in life. It’s scary. Too much social media and your child might not seem like they stack up but here they are and there they go off to the unknown and unprotected by their parents. This is the time to tell them you are proud of them and mean it, they have good roots and will be able to make the right decisions and that you will be right here if they stumble or fall a bit. That’s all part of the process.

When they were young, EVERYONE got a participation ribbon, no one was held responsible for anything but showing up, less feelings got hurt that way. Now they are out on their own to prove that they can finish on their own, judged by who they are and the choices they will make. They need to know you are proud of who they are, you can’t say it enough.

So stand proud beside your recent graduate and know that you did a great job and laid solid foundation.


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