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Getting Through Each Day

How am I getting through the day? Well I have a list of seven things I remind myself that are positive and achievable every morning. When my alarm goes off or when I wake up I take a couple minutes to look forward to the day with positive thoughts, I am going to have time to run today, the laundry got done yesterday, I know what I am making for supper tonight, etc. This makes the morning just a little brighter.

Not getting the pats on the back when and as often as you would like? Try writing down things that make you happy as they occur and put them in a jar or shoe box. Each time something brightens your day, make a note and add it. Then when you need it, or as a yearly celebration, open the jar/box and read them out loud. You are worth it!

Find the beauty in every day. When you feel upset or annoyed, turn it around and count your blessings. If you hit every stop light, great opportunity to do deep breathing cleansing breaths. Someone says something you don’t like, be thankful you are able to have emotions and someone to share your happiness with. It’s all in the attitude, and you have the power over you!

Finish your day in bed being thankful. Take just a couple of minutes to thank the higher power for the blessings of your day. That means, thank you that I was healthy enough to go to work today which means I can pay my bills, thank you that the car started today or the bus ran, thank for my child’s smile and thank you for this warm, safe home.

Smile like you have a secret!


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