Getting Old or Making Memories

When you look at the upcoming day, week, month or year how do you view it? It is easy to fall into a routine as you lock step each and every day, feeling the years pass and not knowing where they went. I challenge you to take a new perspective and feed your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness while making valuable memories to reflect on with fondness.

Don’t think of it as just another day, etc but look at it as an opportunity to make memories. The biggest gift you can give yourself and those around you is the gift of time. What gift will this new day present? Will it give you fresh air with a friend, the simple sound of relaxing music, the feast for the eyes as your walk through a farmers market, or the wind in your hair as you tour the town or countryside on your bike?

We all have many “things” but time is precious and should be valued so make each moment count. When you need extra motivation mentally picture time with a dear friend or family member and the joy you experienced together. Having a buddy with you while you “move that body” adds value to your life. You get one beautiful body and if you don’t get up and be involved and participate and DO and grow and love, that beautiful body deteriorates. Create a picture in your mind and keep it close when you think it is easier to sit and watch life go by or purchase a gift for someone you care about. True caring for not only you but your loved ones is making a memory with the gift of time.

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to start making memories with your time TODAY, so call someone and move that body.