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Get Your Wellness Back on Track Now

Why wait one more day when you can get yourself back on track right now! No more excuses, no more waiting until tomorrow, let’s do this right now! How? Let me list the steps:

  1. Get out a notebook and pen or pencil;
  2. Make a commitment to yourself-set a goal and write it down;
  3. Day 1 (today)=weigh yourself and record it in the upper right hand corner of the page with today’s date;
  4. Record everything you put in your mouth including BLT’s (bites, licks and tastes);
    1. keep in mind 80% of your weight loss success at this point will be what you put in your body;
  5. Make a hashtag off to the side or bottom of the page for every 8 oz. glass of WATER you drink (go for 6-8 glasses);
  6. Record every intentional activity you do each day;
    1. what counts? 10 minutes or more of solid moving that body, walking, biking, swimming, weight lifting, etc
    2. what does not count? walking the dog and stopping to smell and sniff every few feet, window shopping at the mall
  7. Do this for seven days in a row and review and give yourself a pat on the back for a week well done.


  1. I find it is more rewarding to purchase a special notebook to write in and use colored pens for recording water intake and activity.
  2. It is fine to weigh yourself once a week or even every morning but no more than that. 
  3. Remove as much sugar and processed foods as possible for better results.
  4. Continue for at least a month-the first couple weeks are the hardest.
  5. Get a buddy to do this with and start a challenge.
  6. Sign up for a 5K six weeks out.

Remember, you are in control of you so take control and start you journey to your best self.



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