Following the Speed Limit of Life.

Driving down the road the other day I was amazed by the cars backed up one behind the other in the single lane, no option. As soon as it became a two lane some of the cars sped past and some stayed where they were. It made me think.

Status Quo: Are we in a position at work or in life that keeps us in one lane, status quo? Do we feel like we are being held back, being kept safe or are we just more comfortable having someone else take the lead? This made me think, how do we treat our personal wellness and how are we influencing others. In daily life we may being doing the same thing we have been doing for years because we feel like we can’t change, it is easier than learning something new, or we don’t have the confidence to be the leader. If we are happy and find this to be a good place for us then fine. What is the mindset?

Realization: We’re a few pounds overweight, we don’t have a big stash in our savings, we don’t have a gigantic friend circle. We’re fine where we are right? But if we find ourselves feeling ordinary, status quo, middle of road, it is time to change lanes. When we are in our safe comfort zone do we notice others speeding past? Perhaps they have lost some weight, made a large purchase or joined a new team or group activity. How we look and feel about that tells the true story. Say we lose weight, save for that big purchase and join the local softball team. how we look at that may tell a completely different story.

Be Extraordinary: We are all made differently and if we are happy when we look around and things are going our way, then by all means, stay right in the lane we are in. But if we notice others passing us by, if we feel there is something more and we are missing out, if we want to be what we have always thought of as our best self well then, today is the first day of the rest of our life.

Why not be extraordinary, why not be your BEST self? You got this!