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CRASH + SUES Partnered with AFB and Brought Wellness to Work!

Big shout out and Thank You to President Heidi Habben for inviting me and the topic of wellness into the office. The objectives of the presentation were: Create Self Care Routines, Discover Methods to Relieve Stress, and Invest in Wellness in the Workplace. Inspirational and mindful techniques were shared and discussed surrounding all aspects of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health in the 40 minute time of wellness awareness. One attendee commented: It was a good reminder of how to take care of my personal self, it is as important as my business and spiritual self. ~Andrew

I was honored to have the privilege of speaking to this amazing group. Taking good care of you is key to your success in life and in business. CRASH + SUES and the attendees believe it, join in the season of wellness!

SPSWA is Eyes Wide Open on Sleep Disruptors

I want to thank SPSWA, St. Paul Senior Workers Association, for asking me to present the Sleep Disruptors CEU at Gable Pines in Vadnais Heights. Gable Pines offered a comfortable setting for the membership and guests as we set out three objectives: List 3 Ways to Set Boundaries, Identify Eating/Activity Best Habits, and Identify Methods to Relieve Stress. There were tips to share with seniors to help them gain some zzz’s as well as takeaways and tips for better sleep for the attendees. Thank you to Barb Hemberger and Annalisha Perez, Past and Current Presidents of SPSWA for the invitation to present and Deb Waterbury for hosting at Gable Pines.

Move That Body, Part of the Corporate Wellness Series at Cadence Chiropractic

A Keynote on tips to “move that body” was offered to attendees at the latest wellness series offered by Cadence Chiropractic. Owner and chiropractor Amanda Haeg brought current and future clients together to learn ways to change small habits for maximum results. We discussed the health benefits to moving more: it keeps you young, helps prevent heart attacks, can reduce infections, ease asthma, control blood sugar, combat stress and more.

We identified excuses and how to just say no to them. We discovered activities and exercises that fit you NOW and how to increase it when the time is right, we are all different. When and how to refuel was a lively discussion as we eased into how to keep our bodies safe with stretching and posture.

Gurstel Law Firm Completes 12 Weeks to Wellness Series!

Gurstel Law Firm graciously provided each of the series attendees with a copy of Terri’s health and wellness plannerBecome the Change: Embrace Small Changes for Maximum Results. The Gurstel team identified one small change they wanted to work on and made a note of that in their planner.

Part 1 of the series concentrated on Nutrition. Healthy food often feeds the eye prior to feeding the body (be aware that there are always exceptions). We uncovered key facts on food packaging, daily nutrient values, and saturated versus unsaturated fats.

Part 2 of the series concentrated on Emotional & Mental Wellness. We worked on a breathing technique that is useful for stress relief, relaxation, and focus, then moved forward with ways to clear clutter from their lives and stress release techniques and strategies. The team learned the value of supporting and leading others without enabling or controlling them, and leadership mindset.

Part 3 of the series concentrated Physical Wellness. The Gurstel team discussed how being active has a big impact on health, and can lower the risk of many health complications. Stretching is an important part of being active and sleep is another big part of health and wellness. We discussed the health benefits of getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis.

To read the entire story see the blog post: Bring a 12 Weeks to Wellness Series to Your Office for the Maximum Experience

Crown Of Glory Lutheran Church of Chaska now knows all the Habits to build a Healthier Lifestyle

It was a packed house in the Lutheran Church in Chaska. What a beautiful group of men and women on a glorious day who openly shared tips on how to stay active and make healthy eating choices. Together we covered techniques on how to handle stress and create a back-up plan for ready techniques and answers on how to get ourselves out of that mindset. One of the tools shared was the “zip your bag shut” concept on not letting others put their baggage in your bag.

Watch our Facebook Live video from the event.

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