Event Briefs

Lakeville Area Chamber Women’s Symposium creates a new season for 2022

The Women’s Symposium presented by the Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce & Women in Business honored me by asking to be a Key Note speaker. The timing was perfect for Creating a New Season of Purpose & Mindset. The attendees evaluated their stress, identified top 5 priorities, knocked down their inner critic, identified their why and worked on setting intentional goals for 2022. What an hour! Thanks to Krista Jech, President, Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce and Chauncey Oliva, Wings Financial for recommending me.


Walker Methodist gets powerful with mindset!

Taking vitamins, staying hydrated and understanding nutrition labels were the topics of the day at Walker Methodist. The residents participated in a deeper discussion on what and where essential vitamins and nutrients can be obtained. We all know the over the counter resources but it got fun sharing the roots of these in food sources. Eyes opened to which ones can be toxic. We got down and fruity in discussion of how to eat our water for those who don’t enjoy just drinking H2O.

Winners were announced during participation of interactive worksheets on what to look for in nutrition labels. The truth really is in the packaging and tools were discovered on how to be a smart consumer when it comes to breaking down the meaning of the labels.

Thanks to Deborah Johnson for bringing me to Walker Methodist to kick off their Wellness Awareness Program.

Iowa Electrical Cooperatives Fall Conference

It was a real honor to speak at the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives during their Human Resources Fall Conference. We spent two hours “Creating a new season of priorities, purpose & mindset”. This highbred audience of accountants and human resources staff set goals, tackled intentionally managing mindset, how to create new physical habits while discovering the foods that give you more energy and clarity, and uncovering inner joy. We did some self-discovery and all walked out with a plan of action to reach goals. Thanks to Katrina Davis for inviting me to speak to this amazing group!

All welcome to the Intentionally in Harmony Retreat

Shout out to those who attended the Intentionally in Harmony Retreat where the day was spent on resetting mind, body & spirit. This amazing group did the hard work of defining boundaries, changing attitudes on healthy eating and activity, calling out their inner critic and self-discovery on finding personal joy. The day was filled with learning how to be intentional while making sure your self-identify is truly how you live your life, are perceived by others and keep you on the right path of who you want to be.

H3 TV with Terri talking about Health today

Here is a fun and informative podcast on living well each and every day. Thanks to Annie Meehan for hosting me and Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness on her podcast, H3 TV, Healthy, Hopeful and Happy in life and our workplace. 

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