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Emotionally Drained? Zip That Bag Shut!

Are you having a “blue day”? I looked up a variety of ways to phrase that and found most google references refer to something deeper than my meaning of just having an “off” day, sad for no apparent reason or just out of sorts. Perhaps I have used the phrase inappropriately? In my world, and those I talk to, we share having a blue day or feeling blue as just a bit of a funk. I’m not talking about all out depression, just off-center a bit, not your regular happy self, bummed out even but for no real reason you can put your finger on. According to google research if you are having a string of blue days, you should consider there may be something more to it and seek some guidance.

However, if you are having an off day, feeling blue, just can’t do it today, leave me be kind of day than it is most likely due to a more generic form of sleep deprivation, poor eating or who knows, could even be something you read! All I know is when I am feeling that way I know I need to move that body in some way, any way, just MOVE THAT BODY. It doesn’t always take the blues completely away but it does get my mind off what I have no idea is troubling me. So I go for a run, take a walk, get out the hoola hoop. You may skate, go to the park or even shoot hoops. What we are doing is getting the blood flowing, distracting our brain and moving forward.

There was a sermon I heard at church a while back and the pastor was talking about what concerns a you may have. While you have all of your life’s things and “issues” swirling around, you sometimes need to take a step back and not take on any more. The example was that of not listening to others go on and on about their problems. Stop them from complaining to you and stop you from trying to fix their troubles. He said, think of carrying a bag, you have all your stuff in the bag and now it is time to zip it shut! Do not put one more thing in your bag, do not listen to one more problem or complaint from someone else, do not own anyone else’s troubles. Keep your bag zipped tight and walk away. I think of that as balance. Sometimes we have enough going on in our own life that adding one more thing is too much, never mind adding the troubles of others. 

So move that body, zip that bag shut, empty out that negative energy and be ready to face the day with a renewed sense of self.


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