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Don’t put your words in other peoples’ heads, they have enough to think about.

There are days when I have had a less then “great” conversation with someone or recall a conversation that was less than positive. Next thing I know I am walking around with all this negative energy and even some self-loathing. I am just sure everyone I come in touch with is thinking about my faults and shortcomings. You know, I’m not good enough, I don’t fit in, how in the world could I have ever said/done that AND on top of it all, they are judging the very clothes I am wearing and the fact that I need a haircut. Ever been there?

Chances are you have and this is when you need to remember that others are very busy in their lives and have their own thoughts. Stop putting your thoughts/words in their heads. Trust me, no one is walking towards you with those negative thoughts about you. Most likely they are trying to remember if they locked the door on their way out, when they will return to let the dog out, the directions to the appointment they are heading to or practicing their presentation to the person they are meeting. You see, the only person bothered by something so small is you. No you don’t get to run around hurting people’s feelings and no everything someone says to you is not a matter of judging or a lifelong put down. Move on, take what you need from it and move on.

We are all very busy and the best gift we can give ourselves is GRACE. Just let it go. Whoever or whatever situation you are spending all that time stewing about has past and mostly been long forgotten. Why then are you still carrying it around like an anchor? Life is short and all you need to do is kick in some mindfulness about learning, forgiveness and moving on. Spend time reflecting on the best parts of every day, what you will achieve with this time and most of all, and self-forgiveness.


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