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Do You Want it, I Mean Enough to Keep the Commitment?

Back in grade school, then  junior high school and the first couple of years of high school I was in the band. It was so much fun learning to play the flute. I really wanted to know how to play and I really wanted to be good at it. So I practiced, a lot. As the years went I improved and joined the marching band-WOW that was great! Yes, practice for what I really wanted did not seem like much of a chore as I eventually became one of the top flutist in our band. Day in day out I played the flute, practiced and played in concerts, parades and football games. Ahhhh, what a time.

The problem was as time went by and decisions were made and lifestyle changes began to happen I became less enthralled with the flute. I started to resent practicing-so I stopped. I started not enjoying being a member of the group, so I dropped out and eventually it became something in my rearview mirror. Yes the thing I absolutely loved, something that was a part of me lost its bloom in my eyes.

New Year Resolutions can be just like dreaming of becoming your best, working the plan for a while and then tiring of what was so important and losing your dream. You need to keep your focus and have “want” power not “will” power. You need to write down your dreams, revisit them and never stop dreaming of the next step or adventure your dreams will lead you to.

I loved playing the flute, loved the friends I made and gained so much confidence that I believed helps me even today. That’s why I am continuing to build dreams, follow them and reach for next step in being the best me I can be. Join Me!


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