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Covid-19, Unprecedented Times, In this Together, Pivot, New Norm. How are YOU handling this Crisis?

Let’s talk the “#covid 15”, that is the 15 lbs (give or take) that most of us have managed to add to our waistlines during this shelter in place, stay at home, work from home situation for the last few months. The refrigerator and pantry have never been so convenient and the couch and comfort food never more comforting. Well it’s time to SNAP OUT OF IT.

Summer is mid-way through and we are no longer in unprecedented times that shipped sailed a month ago. Now this is just plain old the “new norm”. Yep, habits have formed, after all it has been well over 6 weeks of the forced new created lifestyle. This new habit is now our routine.

WHAT! A new habit was formed! That’s right. You are now used to sitting at home most days pounding away on your computer, zooming all your co-workers, friends and family, eating at your desk and have gotten quite familiar and comfortable with it. Am I right? Well, let’s take it outside.

Put your sunglasses on and take your breaks outside, the free vitamin D is an arm’s length away from lifting your spirits. Now is the time to readjust your daily routine and create a new normal that actually works for you and your wellness routine. Set that alarm, schedule that time for a workout, set specific break and lunch times and for goodness sakes, eat in the kitchen. You may have to prep your meals and snacks in advance but I believe you are worth it. You may, or may not, have to change clothes to work out-but I do recommend a shower-be kind to others, lol.

Wellness alert!! Take a quick peek inside that trash can beside your desk, sofa or wherever you keep it and do a once over for empty chip, snack and cookie wrappers. I know when I did that the reality was really quite shocking. However, that is a wakeup call to one of the new habits you incidentally created. Reality check! So prep some healthy snacks, such as peanut butter in celery, cut up cantaloupe and low fat cottage cheese, boiled eggs (I peel mine and keep them in a ziplock for easy grab), carrots and hummus, almonds or frozen grapes for example and be ready when you feel the need to munch.

Be mindful of the changes you made during these #unprecedented times and rediscover your #newnormal to #pivot back into finding your healthy habits and since we are all in this together share your changes and join others who are experiencing the same things here:


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