Corporate Wellness

Retention in the Workplace Workshop

Educate, engage, inspire and connect your employees bringing unity, motivation, and sense of family, and a higher level of quality productivity. Each person receives personalized attention to help them grow towards balance and success. They will be supported by setting health and wellness goals and providing tools of accountability. We work on your strengths while discovering new opportunities one small change at a time.

Pick the plan that best fits your needs or contact me and ask about consultations and recommendations. Get started on a healthier team today!

  • Power Hours
  • 12 Week Series is a full integration of half-hour wellness presentations
  • Coaching and wellness presentations for your office
  • The Essence Workshop/Retreat: an 8-week, 1-hour interactive wellness workshop working on personal goals (10 attendee minimum)

A good sense of humor and personal attention makes the atmosphere of the meetings a warm and welcoming place for all regardless of their current wellness status. In our settings we do not compare but encourage each individual to be the best they can be and to be with no judgments by others or themselves.

60-Minute Power Hours

$925.00 each

Purchase three (3) and get the fourth free!

Interactive presentations working with employees to engage them so they can understand current habits and refine small changes, like eliminating sugar. In my conversations with the attendees, I will inspire them to make changes by facilitating the conversations around what they can do to get started and succeed. 


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Work-Life Balance - Myth or Mindset?

The pressures of today are still pretty extraordinary, and many of us are — and will continue to be — trying to balance new challenges, new circumstances in our professional and personal lives.  Achieving a (reset) work-life balance is key to managing stress and maximizing professional effectiveness.

Together we will discover the myths and mindsets of work-life balance and how you can find balance to make the best of years to come. Prepare to uncover what is holding you back, what limiting beliefs you might be unintentionally carrying, and if there are some hidden areas of balance that you have not yet discovered. After all, we need to be balanced with our self-first to be balanced in life and at work in order to combine the two worlds successfully.

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A Healthier You is Only a Habit Away

The thought of completely changing your routine can be overwhelming. That’s why it is best to start with small, doable changes and watch the benefits grow. Together we will explore how to take charge of your life and make mindful decisions. Want to put the fun back into your workouts? You will walk out of this Power Hour with a positive, can do attitude and begin associating a positive outlook with success in getting control and getting back on track one healthy habit at a time.

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Nutrition Labels, the Truth is in the Packaging

Serving size, servings per container, %DV, saturated fat, trans fat, and nutrient %. We will explore the code on the packaging and uncover the facts and what you should be looking for when choosing a well-balanced diet. The label states it is low calorie, fat free or light, do you trust or do you check deeper? Making good choices should be easy, together we will become our own expert when chosing what is best for us. We will also cover the importance of vitamins and staying hydrated.

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Sleep Disruptors, Let’s Get Some ZZZZ’s

What’s keeping you from getting the sleep you need? Together we will explore the habits that could be preventing you from a good night’s rest. We will look into late night habits, screen time, nutrition and activity to uncover what is keeping you up and identify changes to put into place immediately. Discussion will include identifying and including what to do to combat stress and signs for when it is time to seek professional help for an underlying cause.

12 Weeks to Wellness Series


We will discuss a new topic every week and that topic is designed to inspire growth so we can dive deeper as we learn and build on one small change at a time for positive results, raising productivity. I am here to engage the group to understand their current issues and put a program together for them that allows them to make small changes week by week and is designed to be integrated into the needs of the group. The goal is to champion and inspire them while walking along the steps to success with each individual. Every group is a little different so I modify to fit the group so everything becomes a reflection.

12 Weeks to Wellness Series PLUS

We will present the 12 Weeks to Wellness Series described above, PLUS the additional options:

Teleconference in additional locations

$995.00 per location

A follow up personalized newsletter

$450.00 per series

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