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Are you a talker or a listener? Most of us say talker, but if you did say listener is it active listening? Did you come to the conversation prepared with meaningful questions? If you are about to meet someone for the first time do your research, find out a bit about their background and what their interests are, that way you are able to find common ground to talk about. It could be as simple as asking how they know the person who invited you to the event or party or more detailed if you know their hobby or profession.

While it is fun to talk about ourselves, it makes a better conversation if you ask questions. If you walk away and can’t remember a thing about your new acquaintance, perhaps you need a new approach. If you find you are a bit nervous, take a moment to breathe and remind yourself to listen, ask questions and I heard this somewhere, “interested is interesting” and, “if you’re bored” you must be “boring”. Hmmmm, helps you a bit right? 

Going to an event where you are going to meet new people shouldn’t make you want to turn and run. If you invest a little time before you go, you will enjoy it more, make new friends and business contacts and learn something new.


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