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Connect and Be Present

I was on a short vacation with my husband and as we were walking along the beach boulevard I noticed a man pushing a young one in a stroller. As we approached I was thinking how wonderful he was taking one on one time to connect with this child and create some memories or perhaps teach this little one about nature. The closer we got I could see that the man was pushing the stroller with one hand and working his cell phone with the other and the child was also engaged with some sort of device while riding along not paying a bit of attention to the beautiful scenery. What a missed opportunity for both of them.

There are times when I spend the day calling strangers regarding opportunities to speak at their places of businesses or return calls from new contacts. I have found myself writing notes to people I barely know or jotting down reminders of things to ask about when I see a new contact again. Weeks go by between writing letters or making phone calls to my mother, aunt, grandmother, sister, etc. I wonder what they are up to but will catch them another time. What a missed opportunity.

How often do you find that you are not taking care of this emotional side of your wellness? Time goes on, memories are made or not, some tomorrows never come. It is up to you step back, take a breath and enjoy the now. When you are present in your daily life and true to the ones you love and who love you back your life is more fulfilling and has truer meaning. With balance we can explore new places, create new adventures and still honor daily living. So stay present and connect often.



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