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Company Wellness

With all this talk about happiness, wellness and health what makes you happiest with your employment status? Do you have a “job”, “career” or alternate place to spend your time and it just happens to pay you for being there doing something you enjoy with people you enjoy being around? I sure hope the majority of us chose a place to spend time doing what we enjoy with people we enjoy and making money is a huge bonus for the time well spent.

Why did you choose your profession? Why do you stay in it? What are the best reasons for going to work each day and what are your best take aways at the end of the day? The job market has a few more opportunities in it now so what are you thinking? If you enjoy your current employer what makes you stay? What would you like to see changed? If you know someone who is looking for a new position would you recommend your company? Oh so many questions.

Company wellness, that is now the key to retention. What does it look like? A solid retention plan is one that unites employees to one another and to the company. Everyone wants to feel valued so our workplace should do that for us. Management should know our names and respect and assist all to being their best. When we feel good, we are definitely more productive and happy with our current situation. A wellness program could be as simple as a speaker coming in weekly to share tips, ideas and accountability to what is current in today’s topics. It could also be a (partial)membership to a local gym, group team uniting exercises, ways to earn extra paid hours off or even a matching fund to help pay off college tuitions. The most important item in a work wellness program is that it fits the office environment, brings people together and unites the workers to the management to the company’s outcome.

Something to ponder, if you felt more connected to your company’s purpose would it make a difference in how you feel about the people you are spending 40 hours a week with?


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