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Clutter and the Kitchen

How is the clutter in your life? Let’s take a quick look at the kitchen this week and see if we should move into other rooms or life in general in the future.

Rule No. 1, don’t bring it into the kitchen if it doesn’t belong there. If you want to start eating clean and healthy you need to keep your spaces organized and in as good as shape as you want your body to be. Look around your kitchen area and toss/put away the things that are causing a distraction, make it a habit to look over your kitchen each evening before bed and do a quick pick up for a fresh start in the morning.

Rule 2, Minimize what you need left out, find containers to use to store misc items, move things you don’t use often to the basement or storage. Put baskets on the inside of your pantry door or over the door to the garage and label what’s in there or assign one to each family member. Enlist their help with their clutter. Put stair step shelving in spice cupboard or wire shelf in panty for better 2 level view of items.

If you are feeling the pressure of clutter stress start with one room at a time and make it a sanctuary. It is so much easier making a meal when things are put where they belong and the working surface is clear. Start with a commitment to do a little every night for a week and before you know it you will be in the habit.


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