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Choose Today, One Small Change at a Time

Happy belated Easter treat, at least that is what I thought when I went to open up that special Cadbury Egg I had such great memories of. Yes I had them in the past (way in the past) and yes I saw them on TV commercials prior to the official Easter holiday (several months prior) and yes I had waited until April 15 to let myself have this special treat. You see I had been swearing off sweets and avoided all treats and deserts until I decided this was the day, Picture sunbursts, angels singing and unicorns all prancing about as I unwrapped this memory and took a bite of . . . . .  WAIT A MINUTE! What happened to that gooey goodness that drips from the chocolate casing and drizzles down my face with that first bite?! What was this thick, unsatisfying “cream” gunk that I was biting into? All that waiting and then all that disappointment. 

Have you ever done that? Waited until the perfect time to chase down your dream? Held off waiting for the right time and opportunity for perfection? Could have done this sooner but you were sure it would be better later?

That is why I say, today is the best day, Beginning Today  let’s make some Lifestyle Wellness choices. No more putting it off, waiting for the perfect time, hanging on to a dream and waiting for the perfect opportunity. Take it today! Begin with can-do attitude and make one small change, after a week add another small change and in one more week add one more and you are well on your way to big changes. That way when the thought comes back to you about how to make mindful choices you will discover you have made three already and are zeroing in on new and better habits. Out of the thick with no more random planning to get fit, eat right and live healthier only to discover another month has passed and nothing but disappointment. Seize the sweet perfection of the day, seize TODAY and start drinking more water, walking around the block, taking the stairs or parking further away. Yes, one small change at a time-own it-become the person you want to be, wellness begins with you and one small change.


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