How’s Your Health? Take My Assessment!


When you wake up in the morning you are choosing what your day will look like from the very beginning. Yep, get up before the alarm, at the alarm, hit the snooze and so it begins. You are also voting on your health when you make these decisions. Are you voting for an early day, productive day and nutritional day? Or are you sleeping in, hitting the snooze and coasting through your day. Are you voting for the easy way?

This election year has got me thinking. We need to choose our candidates and vote for those we think will best represent us and our needs. How are we doing right now, is there room for improvement and what are our dreams of a good, better, best tomorrow. When we look at the materials and proof in front of us and consider how we live day to day do we see a path to future we want? Is there success in your world, opportunities to obtain more education and a continued chance for financial security?

Our health is like that. We wake up and we choose how we are going to take on the brand new day. I say vote for the best outcome. Look at how you are doing right now, is your health in order? Are you at your optimal weight? Do you get the appropriate amount of sleep? When you look at the life you are living, the choices you are making do you see it heading in the future you want? Your wellness is a trilogy of healthy body, healthy mind and healthy finances. Make sure you get out there embrace the opportunity to vote for YOU and your future, you’re worth it!

Is your health a priority for your right now? If you have 15 minutes let’s have a conversation and discuss what you want, why you want it and when you want it by. Contact me 612-308-0801 and choose to vote for your lifelong transformation on healthy habit at a time.


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