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Changing Your Life Through Changes

Changing Your Life Through Changes. That was the main topic of discussion at this week’s meeting and we navigated through such things as reasons for fitness, nutrition, good and bad fats, separating meals from indulgences and good habits. WOW! There is power in identifying our good health ideals and recognizing what we need to change or incorporate to be a better we. I’ll say it again, we don’t all want the same things but in the end we all want to feel healthier.

I would like each of you to take a few minutes to write down a success that you have accomplished so far this session. We have been meeting 5 weeks now, how are you changing your direction to becoming a better you? We will take some time to share May 11th. If you check your calendar and find you haven’t been at many of the sessions it may be hard for you to come up with a success, hmmmm, just saying.

Need some mind jogging? Here are some topics we covered: Cleaning Clutter, Mindfulness (addictive behavior), Stress, Farmer’s Market, Resistant Starch, Communication Awareness, Take Back the Flavor, Changing Your Life Through Changes, Being Good at Aging, Summer Salad Recipes, Choices, Laughter and Friendships and Breathing. Now if you have not been regular with your attendance I do hope this helps you recommit.

LET’S CLAIM OUR TASTE BUDS BACK!! What you say? Someone gave good testimony about getting rid of processed foods and the difference it makes on your plate, pallet and self.  Carrots and apples are so very sweet when you remove the processed foods and added sugars from your intake, Way To Go!!

Fun facts about caffeine:
Here are the amounts of caffeine expected per 8 oz (240 ml) of some popular beverages:

  • Espresso:  240–720 mg.
  • Coffee:  102–200 mg.
  • Energy drinks:  50–160 mg.
  • Brewed tea:  40–120 mg.
  • Soft drinks:  20–40 mg.
  • Decaffeinated coffee:  3–12 mg.
  • Cocoa beverage:  2–7 mg.
  • Chocolate milk:  2–7 mg.


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