Ever wonder how or why you get stuck in the same place time and time again, surrounded by the same type of people? This has happened to me more than once until I leveled up my awareness. Now this is not to say it does not still happen on occasion, it most certainly does, but I recognize it sooner and am able to act, righting my oval back into the circle it is meant to Read More

A Wellness Retreat with your Peers for Accountability

Feeling lost in 2021 and desire help setting goals for your wellness?  Want to take charge of your daily food and activities? Looking to get in the right mindset for motivation and accountability? Join this half day retreat Tuesday, March 9th ON LINE so it actually comes to you! There are three sections with worksheets to record your progress. First section we will clarify your goals; Second section we discuss diet and exercise; third section Read More

Old habit or new habit, how will we network?

As Minnesota starts to open back up (with restrictions of course) and more people are getting vaccinated. Will we find it exciting to go back to the way of networking as it was a year ago? We have been creating new habits these past months. What once was normal business behavior to set out to a networking meeting a couple times a week has turned into screen time in small boxes. It takes weeks to Read More

Reflecting on history for direction in 2021

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels Before we can move forward we have to review the past. This keeps emotional wellness alive and well, it is especially important considering what we all went through in 2020. Our brains tend to remember the bad things more often and more vividly. So if you just rely on you own memories you may come up with more bad times then good. The beginning of any 12 month cycle is a distance Read More

Coffee habit, breaking it!

Coffee signals MORNING to me, it’s time to get going, put on your shoes, get out and meet with people and get the job done. I love the smell of coffee, love the taste (black if you please), love the way it warms my hands, and wakes me up. But over the past months I haven’t been putting on my shoes to get the job done, I have been pulling out my chair and staring Read More

Team Women Presents Self-Care During the Sandwich Generation

Thank you Team Women for your Virtual Village Series, I am proud to be a regular presenter. We closed our 5th out of 6th discussion on Taking Care of You During Your Time in the Sandwich Generation with tools for financial, emotional and physical help to relieve some of the stress and angst. All was brought to light as we organized a weekly calendar into “Musts” and finding time for self-care with a movie, spa Read More

Today is Absolutely Beautiful

Looking out the window and seeing how absolutely beautiful it is today. We have been going through some difficult and interesting times with covid; shut down, shelter in place, limited opening, tables of 4, outside only, phones and visits through glass. We have been through furloughs, layoffs, working from home, part time employment, unemployment and adventures in independent startups. Each week it changes. More and more of us are overwhelmed, depressed and feeling anxiety just Read More

Back in the saddle, at least for now.

Keeping in check with daily activity, wellness, motivation and education can be overwhelming when you continue to be “trying” to do it all. We have to break it down and take it in small chunks. The habits that we have are strong so if you are currently living with bad habits it is easy to continue with them. The problem is they don’t particularly make you feel very good. How in the world do you Read More

Fall is a perfect time to upgrade your wellness plan.

Happy Fall! I hope you are all enjoying this last long holiday weekend of summer. What did you do to move that body? What small change did you make in shopping, meals or snacks? Tim and I were looking at pictures from 2008, I was totally struggling with my weight then so I get it. It was a journey but once I committed to the first step I haven’t looked back. There are other opportunities Read More


When you wake up in the morning you are choosing what your day will look like from the very beginning. Yep, get up before the alarm, at the alarm, hit the snooze and so it begins. You are also voting on your health when you make these decisions. Are you voting for an early day, productive day and nutritional day? Or are you sleeping in, hitting the snooze and coasting through your day. Are you Read More