Can You Catch Sleep?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could literally “catch” sleep! I mean you can catch a ball, you can catch a cold, you can catch the flu. Seriously why can’t you catch sleep!!

There are many articles you can read on how to get a good night’s sleep and the pros and cons of what you eat, read, listen to and even the lighting prior to bedtime. I have an entire presentation on “Sleep Disruptors”.  Where or where is the key to “catching” someone’s sleep. You know what I’m talking about, you go to bed, you get all settled in, you yawn and close your eyes and then BING, wide awake. 

Well that would be just fine and even somewhat tolerable if the person next to you wasn’t snoring away enjoying the very thing you want more than anything else right now:-(. How frustrating, but the frustration does not bring you sleep. The desire does not bring you sleep. The rhythm of the other person’s lovely snoring sounds do not bring you sleep. Mother nature and our body’s own rhythm can be so cruel.

You see, some of you are not really interested in catching a ball and heaven knows you don’t want the cold or flu but if you could only “catch” the sleep of another, what a blessing indeed.

Well, here’s to doing what we can and that means: moving that body during the day, eating right, getting enough water in your system, turning down the electronics in the evening and keeping a routine. Some nights sleep just can’t be caught.