Buggy Battles on the Road to Wellness

You decide that you want to feel better, you make a plan and you are off and running! Fantastic, all is going great you are really moving, nothing is in your way to feeling better. This is the time when you are in control, your motivation is at a high and your road to wellness is on level ground. These are the days that tell you you have made the right decision and why in the world did you not get on this band wagon sooner.

Then one day, for no good reason, on your road to wellness you hit a swarm of bugs. They are everywhere! Bugs in the eyes, on your clothes, following you, buzzing in your ears ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE. Welcome to the hard part. 

These bugs are not your ordinary gnats in the air, oh no, they are food signs at the gas pump, sweaters to hide in for the fall, treats and sweets and drive thru fast food shops and your friends saying come on let’s get pizza and beer, one weekend of indulging is nothing, why are you watching what you eat anyway. BUGS I tell you and you need to swat them away. Yes it is tough getting through the swam but eventually you will get through so keep going, stay focused on making it home to your destination. You want to be your best so keep on that level ground of wellness and remember, there are always going to be Bugs On the Road.