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Bring a 12 Weeks to Wellness Series to Your Office for the Maximum Experience

Terri Mattson, coach at Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness, took employees at Gurstel Law Firm through her 12 Weeks to Wellness series. Gurstel Law Firm graciously provided each of the series attendees with a copy of Terri’s health and wellness planner, Become the Change: Embrace Small Changes for Maximum Results.

Choose Your One Small Change

Terri challenged the series participants to identify one small change they wanted to work on and make a note of that in their planner. The majority of these commitments included making healthier food choices, drinking more water, and finding ways to “move that body!” 

Part 1: Nutrition Focus

The first four weeks in the 12 Weeks to Wellness series focus on nutrition. One of Terri’s key health and wellness topics is focused on eating the rainbow. Healthy food often feeds the eye prior to feeding the body (be aware that there are always exceptions).

In addition to eating the rainbow, Terri breaks down key facts on food packaging, daily nutrient values, and saturated versus unsaturated fats. Terri also addresses the fact that sugar substitutes are as addictive as regular sugar. The substitutes have no nutritional value either.

As Terri wraps up the four weeks of nutrition, she shares dietary guidelines for changing your eating patterns. Below are some nutrition tips to keep in mind as you make small changes in your lifestyle to promote health and wellness.

Nutrition Tips

  • Get your fat from natural food items (cheese, milk, nuts, fish)
  • Hunger may be a sign you are dehydrated; try drinking water
  • Start with a salad
  • Don’t shop when you are hungry
  • Sit down and eat mindfully

Part 2: Emotional and Mental Focus

During the fifth through eighth weeks of the 12 Weeks of Wellness Series, Terri helps attendees elevate their emotional and mental wellness.  To start this focus, Terri taught attendees a breathing technique that is useful for stress relief, relaxation, and focus. Additionally, participants discussed clearing clutter and effective ways to implement this wellness practice into their lives.

As the group moved through the emotional and mental wellness weeks, they learned about mindfulness about behaviors, being present, and self-compassion. Research shows that 80% of all people experience stress each year, so learning stress management strategies was part of this series as well.

As the emotional and mental wellness section of the 12 Weeks of Wellness Series came to a close, the group learned about the value of supporting and leading others without enabling or controlling them, as well as ways to enhance their leadership mindset. Finally, Terri discussed daily mindfulness and self-care with the group. Awareness of habits and behaviors leads to the ability to take small steps toward health and wellness goals.

Emotional and Mental Wellness Tips:

  • Start small and stay focused when clearing clutter
  • Relieve stress by laughing, making a list, and sticking to regular bedtimes
  • Practice daily mindfulness
  • Record daily meals, water intake, and activity
  • List reasons you want to take care of you

 Part 3: Physical Focus

The final four weeks of the 12 Weeks to Wellness Series covers physical wellness. Terri shares how being active has a big impact on your health, and can lower the risk of many health complications. Stretching is an important part of being active, and Terri took time in this series to discuss implementing stretch time before and after a workout.

Exercise isn’t the only element of physical wellness. Sleep is another big part of health and wellness. Terri shared reasons why sleep is important and some of the health benefits of getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. She also shared tips and tricks for improving sleep duration and quality.

Physical Wellness Tips:

  • Identify your reason for being active
  • Get regular sleep
  • Stretch before and after “moving that body”
  • Set goals based on the time and energy you have right now

Comments From Participants 

“Thanks for a great series! The 12 weeks allowed for a mindfulness that you don’t get from a shorter series. I looked forward to the training during the week.” Jill Cottle Garrett

“This series brings us back to the basics of wellness to insure goals and changes are manageable and permanent.” Matthew Murphy

“First off, I want to thank Terri for taking her time to come into our work-place and educate us on wellness. It’s not easy making changes, but by starting out small and building your way up, Terri definitely makes the job easier! I would totally recommend her courses and programs to other individuals who are looking to improve their health lifestyle. I would also suggest to always go in with an open mind because Terri has a lot of wisdom to share!” MaiNhia Vang 

Bring Wellness to Your Workplace

Terri Mattson and Beginning Today Wellness would be happy to come alongside you and your employees or team on your wellness journey. Book 12 Weeks of Wellness Series, or explore other wellness packages by visiting our website!


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