I Just Want to get Back into my Jeans. Wellness Interrupted.

A funny phrase keeps coming up on my Facebook feed, conversations and during virtual networking. I hear. . . “I am so tired of eating.” At first I thought, what in the world does this mean? Then one day it hit me, I understood the meaning of “I am so tired of eating”. Seems in the sameness of the days from instructed safety social isolation and the lack of stores, restaurants and places to go Read More

Social Distancing & Personal Hygiene

We have been in a virtual world for a bit now and I got to thinking? Did I shower yesterday? Should I shower today? Perhaps we are suppose to conserve water at this time, hmmm. Naturally I checked Facebook to see if anyone else was thinking what I was thinking and there it was in the first post i read “. . . I haven’t showered for three days now, I think I am fine. Read More

Clearing the Kitchen Clutter, what are you going to do with all that STUFF in your kitchen?

What happened to that nice counter you used to work on to prepare meals? Has it become a “storage location”, a “dumping ground”, a “I’ll get back to it if I see it” place to rest things? Just because it is a nice flat surface does not designate it to be your special place for clutter and miscellaneous items and to dos. You know everyone can see it AND it does make for healthy meal Read More

Do You Want it, I Mean Enough to Keep the Commitment?

Back in grade school, then  junior high school and the first couple of years of high school I was in the band. It was so much fun learning to play the flute. I really wanted to know how to play and I really wanted to be good at it. So I practiced, a lot. As the years went I improved and joined the marching band-WOW that was great! Yes, practice for what I really wanted Read More

Reflections on 2019

Before you lose that holiday spirit take a few minutes to write a list. Yes a list, a list of accomplishments from 2019. Once the calendar turns over to 1-1-2020 you will be busy making new plans, creating new lists and focusing on improvements in every phase of your life. So make your 2019 list now. Too often people live in the future and what can and will be that it becomes easy to forget Read More

Personal Wellness IS Your Corporate Wellness

When you think back those years ago, what did you want to be when you grew up? Some say teacher, doctor, fireman, you know just about anything was possible. As you grew and discovered things about yourself how did your vision change?  We all had fun dreaming and spending our days living in the moment and the moment was good. Fast forward to today, what are your dreams now? Are you a teacher, doctor or Read More

Bring a 12 Weeks to Wellness Series to Your Office for the Maximum Experience

Terri Mattson, coach at Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness, took employees at Gurstel Law Firm through her 12 Weeks to Wellness series. Gurstel Law Firm graciously provided each of the series attendees with a copy of Terri’s health and wellness planner, Become the Change: Embrace Small Changes for Maximum Results. Choose Your One Small Change Terri challenged the series participants to identify one small change they wanted to work on and make a note of that Read More

Can You Catch Sleep?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could literally “catch” sleep! I mean you can catch a ball, you can catch a cold, you can catch the flu. Seriously why can’t you catch sleep!! There are many articles you can read on how to get a good night’s sleep and the pros and cons of what you eat, read, listen to and even the lighting prior to bedtime. I have an entire presentation on “Sleep Disruptors”.  Read More

Small Changes for Maximum Results

Where are you today and where do you see yourself in the future? If you start with one small change to redirect your course you will get there! It’s called a lifestyle change and it works when you take it one day at a time so that you create a new “habit”. If you would like to lose weight to stun your old classmates at the reunion, look fab in your swimsuit or just have Read More