Back in the saddle, at least for now.

Keeping in check with daily activity, wellness, motivation and education can be overwhelming when you continue to be “trying” to do it all. We have to break it down and take it in small chunks. The habits that we have are strong so if you are currently living with bad habits it is easy to continue with them. The problem is they don’t particularly make you feel very good. How in the world do you Read More

Fall is a perfect time to upgrade your wellness plan.

Happy Fall! I hope you are all enjoying this last long holiday weekend of summer. What did you do to move that body? What small change did you make in shopping, meals or snacks? Tim and I were looking at pictures from 2008, I was totally struggling with my weight then so I get it. It was a journey but once I committed to the first step I haven’t looked back. There are other opportunities Read More


When you wake up in the morning you are choosing what your day will look like from the very beginning. Yep, get up before the alarm, at the alarm, hit the snooze and so it begins. You are also voting on your health when you make these decisions. Are you voting for an early day, productive day and nutritional day? Or are you sleeping in, hitting the snooze and coasting through your day. Are you Read More

Covid-19, Unprecedented Times, In this Together, Pivot, New Norm. How are YOU handling this Crisis?

Let’s talk the “#covid 15”, that is the 15 lbs (give or take) that most of us have managed to add to our waistlines during this shelter in place, stay at home, work from home situation for the last few months. The refrigerator and pantry have never been so convenient and the couch and comfort food never more comforting. Well it’s time to SNAP OUT OF IT. Summer is mid-way through and we are no Read More

Self-Care, 5 things you can do right now

You might be experiencing anxiety, sadness, trouble sleeping or eating, headaches and stomach aches, or difficulty concentrating. These are all signals to take some time to care for yourself. This does not mean that you need to add something more, though; it can be as much about “letting go.” Seek out nature. Walk, bike, sit on a bench. Gardening is a proven mood booster. If you can’t get outside, open your windows for some fresh Read More

Team Women Series, Self-Care and the Sandwich Generation

Are you wondering how, when, where and if you can find time for yourself during this new time of life? The Team Women attendees at the first zoom series on Self-Care and the Sandwich Generation sure did. In this time of raising children and looking into the future of aging parents we got together to discuss burnout, guilt, long days and a new timeline that seems may never end. Together we looked at setting boundaries Read More

Now More Than Ever Break Time Should be a Walk Outside

Today is the day! Today is the day to set your alarm for daily walks outside so you will commit to it. Take it one step further than telling yourself you are going to do it, schedule it in your daily calendar until it becomes routine. Keep the walk scheduled on the calendar, but you will soon find you won’t need the prompt, your body will make it a call to action. We are talking Read More

Shelter in Place, 6 Weeks to a New Habit

Here we are unintentionally forming new habits. While the time frame can very person to person it is a general statement that it takes 6 weeks to form a new habit. So, I ask you, what new habit have you formed with this “shelter in place” state we are in? It would be great to have a majority response of: I have discovered I am in the new habit of taking time for me every Read More

I Just Want to get Back into my Jeans. Wellness Interrupted.

A funny phrase keeps coming up on my Facebook feed, conversations and during virtual networking. I hear. . . “I am so tired of eating.” At first I thought, what in the world does this mean? Then one day it hit me, I understood the meaning of “I am so tired of eating”. Seems in the sameness of the days from instructed safety social isolation and the lack of stores, restaurants and places to go Read More

Social Distancing & Personal Hygiene

We have been in a virtual world for a bit now and I got to thinking? Did I shower yesterday? Should I shower today? Perhaps we are suppose to conserve water at this time, hmmm. Naturally I checked Facebook to see if anyone else was thinking what I was thinking and there it was in the first post i read “. . . I haven’t showered for three days now, I think I am fine. Read More