Are all your eggs in one basket? Mindset in check?

I am sure you have heard that old saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Life can be kind of like that. Some days go smoother than others and the terrain is nice and even. No coaching needed, self care is in top of mind, no worries on this road, everything is copasetic. Nothing but smooth sailing here so why not add a couple more details, tasks or errands (eggs) to our day? Read More

Influence or manipulation?

What is influence? The power to have an effect on people. What is manipulation? The same as influence only with a dash of dishonesty or underhandedness. How can you tell the difference? It starts with how do you feel after you walk away or think about it for a little bit. Some things are timed honored thus value in acting now, some things are important because it speaks to who you are. However, if you find Read More

What success looks like in my day

Here are a few strategies I use to make my days as successful as I can. Use a calendar to set boundaries, block my time. Adding in time for breaks, emotional well-being and to just breathe. Always add a few down minutes between blocks. To chase away that groggy feeling from not enough sleep or just committee brain I make sure to get in a run or walk each morning for clarity. Take a moment Read More

Is today the first day of your life?

When you think of where you have been and where you are going you should embrace each day as a gift and identify it as the beginning, the first day of the rest of your life. No matter where you started from it is in the past so perhaps it is time to move forward. You remember Newton’s Law, briefly put an object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest stays at Read More

How do we transition from working at home to going back to the office?

In this new era of firsts we will need to turn our thoughts to how and who will be returning to the office and how does that fit into the work-life balance we have created this past year? Work–life balance is important for your own happiness and fulfillment.  Balance is about feeling good about yourself and being in control of your life and career paths. *both are keys to creating happiness for yourself and bringing real meaning to your life. Read More

Untended Habits

This past year you were subjected to forced changes in behavior. Nothing you could do about it. What once was a very active lifestyle full of work, family, friends, sports and activities suddenly came to a new way of life of isolation, disconnect and depression. As you began your new normal of staying inside, working from home, shopping on line, teaching your children and finding on line workouts, movies and scenic trips to virtually attend Read More