Getting Old or Making Memories

When you look at the upcoming day, week, month or year how do you view it? It is easy to fall into a routine as you lock step each and every day, feeling the years pass and not knowing where they went. I challenge you to take a new perspective and feed your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness while making valuable memories to reflect on with fondness. Don’t think of it as just another Read More

What Are You Good At?

When I was in 4th grade the big game on the playground was marbles. You know, shooters, cat eyes, steelies, etc. and I thought I was GOOD. Actually darn good, yes, better than most I had seen. So after a few rounds in the house with my sisters I was sure I had what it took and would rule the playground. The first day or two I watched the other kids “play” marbles and watched Read More

When to Lead and When to Lean

Do You Know When to Lead and When to Lean. Look for the helpers son. There are always helpers. Wise words from the late Mr. Rogers’ mother. How often have you felt in control and your life is in order? Well whenever you feel you are alone or are struggling, look for the help that is right beside you. I heard a phrase a while back that carpenters use “sistering” joist. It means to add Read More

Amazon launches binge watching campaign!?” WHAT!!!

Have you seen the new commercials from Amazon? It is summer and they are telling people to stay inside where you can snuggle on your couch with your blanket and binge on all the shows you have missed. Well good for you if you missed them, it probably means you have been out being active and enjoying your summer. They dare to compare the faults of binge eating, drinking and other vices with the success Read More

Sugar and wellness, not in the same sentence!

When you think about your day how much sugar do you think you consume? Do you add a teaspoon or two to your coffee, drink a sugary drink (red bull, chai tea, coke, sweet tea) or eat a sugary cereal?  How do you start your day? Do you take a break and have a morning snack, a little pick me up or something to tide me over? Turn the package over and check out the Read More

Graduation, Time to Be Proud

Well here we are with graduations, school’s out, summer has started, and emotions are running high. Did you congratulate your graduate with a true open heart? What a bitter sweet time it is. Whether they were top of class, middle of class or just somewhere in the class (and now out) there is plenty to be proud of. We need to spend more time in the moment. It isn’t enough they participated and showed up, Read More

Quantity or Quality

Do we value quantity over quality? Sometimes I think we do such a great job tracking time spent on things that we don’t always look at the value of the outcome. Have you ever said or heard someone else say “I spent xxx hours on that” only to realize the end product was not of very good value?  I would say that probably happens often. Just because you spend time on a project, weight loss, Read More

Beginning Today lifestyle Wellness & the Book Fair

It was a wonderful Saturday surrounded with my author peers sharing and signing our books with the community. While I had the only tracker/planner for wellness there were children’s books, books on animals, fiction and nonfiction, educational, historical, humor, science fiction and mystery. This was a first for me as I generally have my books with where I present but it was a true pleasure being surrounded by authors with such passion and dedication. If Read More

Stress, Weight and Weather

Stress, weight and weather, what do these all have in common? Seems to me they go together hand in hand, you can put them in any order and you still come up with the same results. If you are under stress you tend to put on a little weight. If you put on a little weight you tend to blame stress or the weather. If the weather isn’t suitable you can over stress about better Read More

Two Days of Amazing Presentations

What a great couple of days with some amazing speakers. Yesterday I started the day at the Eden Prairie AFB Thrive meeting listening to Dr. Stephen J. Crawford, Experience Leadership, where he talked about taking care of your finances so you can help take care of the world and he asked the question “are you leading as a nightlight or a 100 watt bulb”? Something to think about. Then I presented to SWIM, Seniors Working Read More