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This three-month planner will do just that.

Becoming the Change
Embrace Small Changes for Maximum Results

By Terri Mattson

Make it personal by recording your intentions daily in this easy to use motivational planner. Read how and why Terri got started taking wellness personal as she encourages you to begin your journey putting your next steps in writing. Terri adds the right amount of inspiration along the way and includes tips and a few recipes to get you going. Great for you, your office mates or any group you belong to for that accountability to keep you on track. Order yours today!

“As I prepared for a hip replacement surgery I knew I needed a way to keep track of my progress and plan after surgery.  The Become the Change planner helped me to do just that; I was able to track meals, water and especially medications and record a few thoughts during my recovery – it also made things ease for my husband “who was my caregiver” to help maintain the plan my doctor and I put together for post -surgery recovery.  Thank you” ~ RK

become the change planner

Become the Change, Embrace Small Changes for Maximum Results


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