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Back in the saddle, at least for now.

Keeping in check with daily activity, wellness, motivation and education can be overwhelming when you continue to be “trying” to do it all. We have to break it down and take it in small chunks. The habits that we have are strong so if you are currently living with bad habits it is easy to continue with them. The problem is they don’t particularly make you feel very good.

How in the world do you shift your thinking into powerful positive thoughts? One small change at a time. Consider swapping out that bagel and cream cheese morning breakfast to one cup of oatmeal and sliced bananas or almond butter-small change, fabulous outcome. The oats give you 4 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein, can help lower LDL cholesterol, is nutrient rich, works on your digestive health and keeps you full. That is a lot of work for one cup of deliciousness. The bananas or almond butter add a boost of sweetness and are also nutritious.

Another shift could be in activity-how do you think about activity. When you were a child activity was known as play so let’s think about it that way. Perhaps you don’t feel like tumbling in the grass but going outside for a walk gives you the same sense of freedom. If you work from a computer most of the day, set an alarm at the top of the hour and get up and stretch, raise your laptop for the next hour or get a drink of water, better yet fill your water glass while you are taking your 5-10 minute break from the screen. Have you ever noticed a child does not stop moving, you shouldn’t either.

Do you hop right out of bed and begin your day? Rest a minute more and give thanks, think of three things you are grateful for and express gratitude for those things, people or your circumstances that make it possible. Take a couple of extra minutes to make your bed so when you return it will look inviting. Not only that but you will have already accomplished something first thing in your day!

Keep your mind moving by learning something new or reading a few pages in a book. It is time to take a break from work or routine and grow your mind by reading something that is new to you. Pick up a book on butterflies, the science of how leaves change color, understanding the game of chess or some other topic you have wondered about. The library is full of new topics, explore a few new books.

If you are like me you sometimes find it is easy to just keep moving forward and forget to grow or change and become better. You deserve more, you are worth it and you can achieve it with just one small change at a time. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back in that saddle of growth. Wellness is holistic and includes physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of your life. Let’s work together to help you get and stay in the saddle. #gratitude #holistic #wellness #physicalwellness #emotionalwellness #nutrition #coach #movethatbody #backinthesaddle #health


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