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Are You Eating Your Veggies?

20160830_190651107_iosHow is the vegetable intake at your house? If you are having no servings a day add one serving, if you are having one, make it two; if you have two get it up to three! Remember, it is fruits and vegetables, not fruits and fruits. Sneak them into your eggs (spinach, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms), get a prepack variety that goes easily into the microwave for fast side dishes. Add chopped veggies to your soups, chili and pasta sauce. Use your imagination and look for the dark greens, dark reds, and even something new.

Be a good example for your children, family and coworkers and remember to keep your snacks healthy. Convenience is key so watch for single servings, prewrapped, snack size zip locks for portion control and even precut veggies. Keep the protein lean so be mindful at the deli counter and btw sodium is not your friend.

Healthy snacking:

  1. Pre slice veggies, store with dips; top on whole wheat muffins with spaghetti sauce, shredded mozzarella and pop in microwave.
  2. Mix it up – use dried fruits, unsalted nuts and popcorn in snack size bag. Use fat free or low fat yogurt with 100% fruit juice for smoothie.
  3. Glass of milk – low fat or fat free, soy.
  4. Whole grain – high in fiber and low in added sugars, saturated fats and sodium. Staying away from refined grain (bars, cakes and sweeten cereals).
  5. Lean protein – deli meats, unsalted nuts. Wrap sliced low sodium deli turkey around apple wedge. Peeled hard boiled eggs for easy reach.
  6. Size matters – Snack, not a meal.
  7. Fruits – limit 100% juice but add whole fruit, fresh, frozen or canned.
  8. Convenience – single serve string cheese.


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