Amazon launches binge watching campaign!?” WHAT!!!

Have you seen the new commercials from Amazon? It is summer and they are telling people to stay inside where you can snuggle on your couch with your blanket and binge on all the shows you have missed. Well good for you if you missed them, it probably means you have been out being active and enjoying your summer.

They dare to compare the faults of binge eating, drinking and other vices with the success of binging on sitting on your hinny in the house in front of your television. As a wellness coach this does not sit pretty with me. Everyone knows being active and involved is key to wellness, overall health and happiness. Okay, so we need a little sunscreen and bug repellant, I am no fan of skin cancer or being bitten so guess what, I go outside and I prepare to do so.

If you enjoy a movie, TV show or series that is just fine but please enjoy the beautiful outdoors on these wonderful summer months. I believe we all need to rest our bodies and heal from various things but to encourage you to spend your time inside on these wonderful days and evenings is just too much. Get out there and ride a bike, go for walk, swim in the lake or enjoy an evening campfire. I for one will save the binge watching for those days full of rain and high wind, lol. Stay well, stay active!