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A life without excuses, if only you could imagine. . .

I will call my mom today; shoot I have to get the kids ready, make dinner, pick up, and run a couple errands. .

I will drink more water; shoot I have already had a couple cups of coffee, soda with lunch, glass of wine with dinner, If I drink water before I go to bed I’ll have to get up to use the bathroom. . .

I will go to the gym this week; shoot told myself that Monday and now it is Friday, my friends are all going out and I have had a long week at the office. . .

I will stop picking up fast food drive; shoot, I’m late for work so need a biscuit or donut, want to get out of the office so today I will grab a quick lunch, late getting home I’ll just swing by this one time. . .

I will go to church Sunday; shoot, got to bed late, I don’t get to sleep in often, can’t find the on line service and I’m screened out. . .

How about. . .

Ah yes, calling mom is on my phone alerts I call her quick while prepping lunches.

Ah yes, thankful that I filled up my water picture last night and it is measure and cold in the fridge.

Ah yes, workout clothes all set out, I’ll do a quick on line session before I leave the house.

Ah yes, thankfully I made some extra lunches this week while talking to mom.

Ah yes, alarm set, TV/video ready, timer started the coffee pot, I will enjoy service and get refreshed to start a new week.

Can you imagine a life without excuses? No more I can’t do that, only what can I do.


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