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80/20 Rule

The 80/20 Rule, you know, take good care of your wellness 80% of the time and you won’t have to worry the other 20%. So if you eat right and move that body most of the time you will have some wiggle room to go out for pizza, have a couple cocktails at happy hour or just hang on the couch some. Seems like a simple rule. I think I may have taken it to the limit the other day-how about you?

Yes, I participated in a 5K so that was great. However, I believe that was the less than 20%. The rest of the day (80%+) I enjoyed several adult beverages, crunchy snacks, salty drinks, chips and salsa and yes fried food with creamy sauce drowning the meal. While it was all fun and laughs at the time, it made for a horrible night’s sleep and the next day wasn’t so great either. You might say this was a total fail in the world of good health decisions.

The best part of this day; had fun, enjoyed friends and family and it was a great memory. Another best part of this day; I recognized this was an out of the ordinary day, nothing in my good health routine was cancelled for good and I was able to return to better choices the next day. We all “fall off the wagon”, don’t beat yourself up. Today is a new beginning, whether it is the first day on your good health routine or a return. Remember, every day is a chance to be the best you you can be-so go on continue to be your best self, I dare you.


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