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Clearing the Kitchen Clutter, what are you going to do with all that STUFF in your kitchen?

What happened to that nice counter you used to work on to prepare meals? Has it become a “storage location”, a “dumping ground”, a “I’ll get back to it if I see it” place to rest things?

Just because it is a nice flat surface does not designate it to be your special place for clutter and miscellaneous items and to dos. You know everyone can see it AND it does make for healthy meal preparation. So toss those random papers, half empty containers, gear and leftovers now. Oh what a feeling!

Let’s out some tips to help you keep your kitchen counters clear!

  1. Set boundaries-does it belong in the kitchen? This is the first and very small step. Where does it belong; mudroom (think backpacks), laundry room (think detergents), hats, etc (think hall closet).
  2. Set a time aside each evening before your head to bed. You will only need 5-10 minutes once the routine is in place. Make the rounds and toss, move and wipe down all countertops.
  3. Re-evaluate what you leave out. Do you use the toaster every day, what about that special espresso machine or holiday decoration? Perhaps a shelf in the closet, basement or garage is a better solution.
  4. Do you use containers for your oils, napkins or paper towels? If you find they are just turning into junk storage bins it is time to empty and find new homes for these things.
  5. Wire baskets on the sides of counters might be a nice, out of the way, kind of holder for those things that end up on top of the counter.
  6. Hang a basket, hook or rod under cabinets or behind the cabinet doors.
  7. Give everyone their own file folder and basket to collect their stuff in. During your rounds you can drop these off at the rooms of the owners.


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