PEK Accounting Held a Panel Discussion on Wellness of the Bottom Line

It was my honor to be part of a Bottom Line Balance Sheet Panel discussion in September at the offices of PEK Accounting Consulting. I was joined by professionals in their field: Troy Noor, Boulevard Wealth Management; Connie Kroskin, Connie Kroskin Marketing; Eric Mitchellette, Strategic Business Coach; and David Anderson, Anderson Business Law. Paul Kloster of PEK Accounting Services for Business on the far right. We shared what to expect in the upcoming year, changes Read More

Sleep Tight for Wellness

Ever wonder why you are not getting enough ZZZ’s? Research shows the top sleep disruptors are lack of boundaries, eating and activity patterns and stress. Let’s have a look into these disruptors and see where a simple change here and there might make a big difference in your sleep pattern. First, boundaries; draw a line in the sand and and maintain a balance in your self care. You need time to be active and you Read More