Healthy Habits

So about those Healthy Habits… let’s name a few. When walking the dog (darn the easy invisible fence or fenced yard), pick up the distance and/or pace. When boiling pasta, put some veggies in a pot as well. Cook at home for guaranteed fewer calories. A clean kitchen leads to clean eating. Gardening with the family gets everyone involved and can be a good workout. Meditate or take time to be thankful for all your Read More

Getting Through Each Day

How am I getting through the day? Well I have a list of seven things I remind myself that are positive and achievable every morning. When my alarm goes off or when I wake up I take a couple minutes to look forward to the day with positive thoughts, I am going to have time to run today, the laundry got done yesterday, I know what I am making for supper tonight, etc. This makes Read More