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Terri Mattson

Holistic Wellness & Weight Loss Coach

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Bringing Wellness To You

I’m Terri Mattson and I founded Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness to provide personalized attention to help you grow towards balance and success. 

Whether you are struggling with weight loss, career change, entering retirement, or dealing with life’s struggles, I’ll support you by setting health and wellness goals while providing tools and accountability. Together we work on your strengths while discovering new opportunities one small change at a time.

We work on your wellness, so you don’t have to work on your health.

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The Self-Talk I Want You to Have:

“Beginning today I will believe in myself, love and support myself, and look forward to the future of being the best me I can be.”

"Terri Mattson is a pleasure to work with! She knows her stuff when it comes to nutrition & wellness and puts her knowledge into words and examples that are easy to follow and doable!

If you truly want to change YOU (lose weight, get fit, make better food choices, etc), I highly recommend working with Terri. Her gentle, yet caring voice is truly encouraging and her sense of humor keeps you engaged and motivated to help you make the changes you desire."
— Jody Weinberg

How it Works:

How it Works:

Your Wellness Coach: TERRI MATTSON

"Thank you so much Terri for taking this journey with me and helping me become a happier, healthier and more balanced “ME”. I can’t thank you enough."
— Peggy

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