How is Your Rockwell Family Holiday Handling You?

It’s the night before Christmas, how are you doing? If you’re stressed, filled with anxiety and overwhelmed you are not alone. It is easy for us to get our expectations set a little high during the holidays and then when it doesn’t happen the way we had hoped or planned we get down. Certainly staring Read More

Get Your Wellness Back on Track Now

Why wait one more day when you can get yourself back on track right now! No more excuses, no more waiting until tomorrow, let’s do this right now! How? Let me list the steps: Get out a notebook and pen or pencil; Make a commitment to yourself-set a goal and write it down; Day 1 Read More

One Mindful, Manageable Change at a Time

One mindful, manageable change at a time for success. Yes, one change at a time so you can make it a healthy habitl. Before moving to another mindful change take the time to celebrate and recognize the success you achieved. After all you spend so much time wishing you could live a healthier lifestyle, feel Read More