Corporate & Personal Wellness Mission Statement.

Beginning today I will believe in myself, love and support myself, and look forward to the future of me being the best me I can be.

PEK Accounting Breakfast Bowl, Wellness Presentation

It was my pleasure speaking to a packed house at the PEK Accounting Super Bowl Breakfast. Paul Kloster knows how to bring people together to share ideas, information and yes a little sports minded fun. I presented on how to have a fun and healthy Super Bowl Party by making small changes in the menu and swapping out ingredients with a little preplanning. On our menu was chicken tortilla soup, skinny buffalo chicken dip, roasted flavored almonds and 3 ingredient cookies.

I was joined on stage by Jon Halleen and Mark Spiers, co-founders of GapWorx, LLC. They presented their Sales Playbook approach to helping companies improve their sales performance. They have proven methods to a creating a smooth sales team.

Thank you to Paul and PEK for bringing great people together, what an honor to be in such great company!

1st Annual Wellness Retreat-thank you presenters and guests!

Amazing Presenters
Thank you guests!

Run with us for wellness and fun at the following 5K’s:

Hot Chocolate Run  April 15 (check), Get in Gear April 29th. (check), 2017 MN Brewery Running Series: May 13-Lynlake (check), May 27-Urban Growler (check), June 7- Fulton (check), July 8-Northgate (check), Aug 6-Utepils (check),  Aug 19-Team Hope-Huntington’s Disease (check), Aug 20-Dangerous Man (check), Oct 7-Sociable Cider (check) and Historic Riverfront 5K (check), Oct 14-Badger Hill (check), Oct 28-Fulton/Lake Monster (double check), Nov 18-Motion is Life, Funds for Puerto Rico (check), Dec 2-Bauhaus Brew House and 612 Brew (check & check).

What We Do to Bring Wellness To You

Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness provides personalized attention to help you grow towards balance and success. Whether in group corporate setting, senior housing community or individual meeting, Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness supports you by helping you reach your health and wellness goals. Together we work on your strengths while discovering new opportunities.

Your Corporate Wellness Coach

Keynote Speaker, Lifestyle Wellness Mentor and IWLC

Terri Mattson is a certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach and Health & Wellness Mentor. She received an Associates in Arts degree and is a certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach. After several years of leading members to successful weight loss with a well-known company she has created her own business to work with groups and individuals to help lead them towards a balance in their personal perception of good health. Terri is passionate about helping others be the best they can personally be while not being held up to other people’s standards. She lives with her husband and is the mother of four now grown boys.

I look forward to bringing Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness to you in the near future.     ~Terri


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